To design, develop and manufacture a new concept of PVGH (Photovoltaic Greenhouse), totally different from the rest of the PVGH normally installed until now, which don't let a real good crop development due to an important lack of sunlight. With this Smart greenhouse concept, also an extra income from the produced PV electricity, will help to the grower to get better economical results. Also a demonstration greenhouse of 3.200 m2 will be built, with 2 different sections, with and without PV panels in the roof, in order to analice the real possible differences between a normal GH, and the SUN4GREEN greenhouse, with PV panels and the boosters to give extra electricity production capacity.

The  objectives of the project are:

To manufacture and install a PVGH prototype, split into two sections: PVGH and a conventional one, and to demonstrate that crop yields do not suffer significant yield decreases, , as well as the electricity production capability and the autonomy of the system.

To develop a tool to support global system deployment by having a tool for estimating the electricity generation of the PVGH in different locations across the world in the specific SUN4GREEN designs.