• 2018-05-16

Demo greenhouse in construction

Construction of the greenhouse in Almeria it's being done

Demo greenhouse in construction

After months of work in the design, calculation and manufacturing of the different parts and systems, the construction of the demo greenhouse in Almeria it's being done.

Project installation will be finished next few weeks in order to start the first crop and experiences for result analysis on first week of August, 2018.

In the final design, there were been considered different solutions to be able to adapt the SUN4GREEN PV greenhouse to different places and latitudes.

Also an easy assembly and maintenance were one on the first considerations.

Finally, the optimal crop production, with a minimal interference from the PV panels but with an extra input of the photovoltaic production (from 150KWp - 170 kWp per hectare), we'll make the SUN4GREEN one of the first options to be considered by the growers who are looking for optimised solutions.